Here are some selections from recordings I've played on, a variety of sounds, feels and types of music.

Electric Bass

Song Title   Artist
Will You Come To My Funeral   Rob Morsberger
Talk To Me Baby   Buddy Guy
On The Sea Of Love   Lucky Peterson

The Second Coming Of Eli

  Suzzy Roche
Trouble in the Woods   G.E. Smith
I Can Drive   Bruce Henderson
Ing   The Roches

Acoustic Bass

Song Title   Artist
Too Close Together   Peter Wolf
I Wanted To   Bruce Henderson
The Truth   Jimmy Norman
Joanna Lee  

Diane Scanlon

Rich Man Blues   Odetta
Wooden Chair   Spottiswoode & McMahon
Southside Chicago Waltz   Black 47
Anabel   Kenny White

Fretless Electric

Song Title   Artist
When I'm At Your House   Loudon Wainwright III