Artist   CD Title
Peter Wolf   “Sleepless”
Lucky Peterson   “I’m Ready”
Buddy Guy   “Live, The Real Deal”
Robert Secret   “Waiting for Wood” "Relativity Blues"
Kenny White   “Uninvited Guest” "Symphony in 16n Bars
Jimmy Norman   “Little Pieces”
Larry Kirwan   “Kilroy Was Here”
Paul Kelly   “Deeper Water”
Bruce Henderson   “The Wheels Roll”, “Beyond the Pale”
Arlen Roth   “Landscape” "Toolin' Around Woodstock"
G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band   “Get A Little”
G.E. Smith   “Incense, Herbs & Oils”
Darden Smith   “Little Victories”
Suzzy Roche   "Holy Smokes" " Songs From an Unmarried Housewife"
Suzzy & Maggie Roche   “Zero Church” "Why The Long Face"
The Roches   “Can We Go Home Now?” “A Dove” "We Three Kings"
Brian Mitchell   “Diggin’ up the Roots”
Christine Ohlman   “The Hard Way”
Rob Morsberger   "A Periodic Rush of Waves"
Brian Mitchell   "Diggin Up The Roots"
Black 47   “Elvis Murphy’s Green Suede Shoes”, “Bittersweet 16”
Odetta   “Blues Everywhere I Go”
Adam Sandler   “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!”
Various Artists   Rollin' Into Memphis: Songs of John Hiatt

Here’s some wonderful music that I played on… that didn’t get picked up by a major label. They are mostly Indy releases (or maybe someone’s husband, wife, mom, or dad picked up the tab)… they all have moments that I’m proud to be part of. Check out these artists if you can:

Artist   Album
Bob Bandiera   Bandiera
Jane Barnett   Jane Barnett
Taylor Barton   Mean American Dream, 13 Break-ups, Thoroughbred
Skinny Kat, Vapor, Wicked Felina
Roxanne Beck   Roxanne Beck
Nine Below Zero   Nine Below Zero
Kathena Bryant   Highway
Lucy Bonilla   The Big Picture
Joan Bujacich   A Fine Line
Doctor B   I’ll be home for Christmas
Victor Chambray   Victor Chambray
Andrew Coady   Once again for the first time
Mary Lee’s Corvette   Mary Lee’s Corvette
Allison DeSalvo   Happiness Is All Around You
Cynthia Dillenbeck   Luminescense
Van Duren   Idiot Optimism
Cliff Eberhardt   Mona Lisa Café
Johnsmith   Hole in the Clouds
Kati Mac   Poseidon’s Son
MaltaNova   MaltaNova
David Massengil   The Return
Ian McDonald   Drivers Eyes
Patty Murray Band   Why you wanna be like that
Willie Nile   Hard Times In America
Oz Noy   Demo 2001
Adam Pascal   Model Prisoner
Steve Postell   A Travelin Man
Liz Queler   Silent Witness
David Roche   Here It Is, Harp Trouble
Diane Scanlon   Diane Scanlon
Sheri Rene Scott   Men I’ve Had
Daniel Simonis   Daniel Simonis
Pam Tate   Dancing on the Pyramids
Louise Taylor   Ride
Various Artists   Vanthology A Tribute to Van Morrison
Lonesome Val   NYC
Paige Wood   Feeling Drowsy
The Yankees   The Yankees

Also, back in the day, I played on a few vinyl RECORDS

Artist   Album
Donovan   Essence to Essence
Charlie Midnight   Innocent Bystander
The Major Thinkers   The Major Thinkers
The Scratch Band   The Scratch Band, Rescue

The Scratch Band was my first band that was good enough
to make a record that someone actually put out!